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Category Site Description
New York Information 
All the best places to eat and drink (emetic directory supplied on request) 
If you can't find something to do in New York you are very strange indeed
 Getting around the Big Apple
 Guide to entertainment in the capital of the world
 Celtic Supporters Clubs
Details of all the Celtic Supporters Clubs in Morth America
Enduring and funny web site from the oft used right hand of Steve Clarke
The Editor spent three great years here so this is in
A favorite CSC in Scotland
Steve O'Brien had his Lobotomy here
The original Fanzine that played its part in the Fergus revolution
Right to the point Celtic opinion
Terrific, witty and up to date Celtic Commentary
The best use of internet resources in the whole of Timdom
A great site by the Southampton Tims
Aunti Beeb is still a quality source of news
Just so we can hear "England won the World Cup" in 1966 every 5 minutes
A spot of culture amid the chaos
 Surprisingly decent Scottish journalism
Amazingly, more decent Scottish journalism
The said they would sue us if we put the BBC in and not them
Yes it does include the swimsuit edition
Excellent world sports news from ESPN
All the news from The MLS
Our local MLS team
Our cousins in Germany